FGM in the COVID-19 era

Do you know that the COVID19 pandemic has increased the risk of gender-based violence in the world, particularly in African countries where 42 percent of the world’s female genital mutilation cases are found?

You will be surprised to know that due to the lockdown in the world, families are giving their children out to be married so they can buy essentials and foodstuffs, women who cut girls for a living now are soaring higher because lots of girls are home and thence business is booming.


FGM is the intentional removal of either all or part of the external female genitalia for non-medical reasons.Morethan8000girlsaregenitallymutilateddailyaroundtheworld, Nigeria has one of the largest stocks of Human Resources for Health (HRH) and 59.6% Literacy Rate but over 20 million Nigerian women and girls have undergone FGM. This represents 10% of the global total and makes us the 3rd highest among practicing countries! Approximately 200 million girls are living with the consequences of FGM.


Immediate complications include severe pain, shock, hemorrhage, tetanus or infection, urine retention, ulceration of the genital region, and injury to adjacent tissue, wound infection, urinary infection, fever, and septicemia. Hemorrhage and infection can be severe enough to cause death. Long-term consequences include complications during childbirth, anemia, the formation of cysts and abscesses, keloid scar formation, damage to the urethra resulting in urinary incontinence, VVF, dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse), sexual dysfunction, hypersensitivity of the genital area, increased risk of HIV transmission and hepatitis as well as psychological effects.

Kindly Listen to reasons for justifying FGM practices in Isanlu Kogi state.

I do not know if this is still being practiced there as this is a story from a much older woman.

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