We will be addressing shocking things women do to their butts, ass, bumbum etc

In a bid to have the perfect body….

Women all over the world submit to dangerous means to make themselves look better.

While many refuse to admit it, the use of these extreme methods is all a way to attract the opposite sex and look better than the other woman in the room.

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4 comments on “1: YANSH WAHALA

  1. I feel like we should understand that we are perfect for our purpose, beautiful is very important but their are other important things

    1. Spot on Lois, thank you for commenting. Get ready to feature on our show.

  2. Daniel N says:

    The fact is that no generation has been more crazy about sex,sexuality,sex appeal and so on like ours. This is rather unfortunate but “sex sells”.For men,men also try to enlarge their manhood and so on. I think podcasts like this help to awaken true knowledge that there is a lot more to life and beauty.Truths like; -Self awareness/Personal Confidence (we are unique the way we are). -Altering your body can scar you for life. Look beyond now to five,ten years down the line. -Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.(Someone out there is “dying” for someone with your “spec”).
    These truths can be spread through influence to help a lot more people imbibe a healthy perspective to topics like this. Thank you very much panelists.

    1. Franklin says:

      Interesting Podcast😃😃… Wow. The injecting of Maggi shows the length many can go just to gain acceptance💔🙄. Truly:
      Seeing is not believing anymore✍🏼
      Self awareness and Acceptance is important
      We need to train ourselves to be okay and not feel validation from social media and all is the ultimate.
      and for me, perfection is overrated.
      Thanks for this Podcast. I love love love it.. 👌👌👍👍

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