Listen to the latest episode and learn about Joyce Carol Vincent, a British woman whose death went unnoticed for more than two years as her corpse lay undiscovered in her north London bedsit. Prior to her death, Vincent had cut off nearly all contact with those who knew her. She resigned from her job in 2001 and moved into a shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

Her remains were discovered on 25 January 2006, with the cause of death believed to be either an asthma attack or complications from a recent peptic ulcer.

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2 comments on “19: Sauce and Ginger

  1. Franklin says:

    Wow… The Joyce Carol Vincent story is really weird but very true story. Thank you for this info, I had to go check it out on Google myself. Alot of things are happening you know. And congrats to Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. We are proud and inspired. Thanks for this podcast. I love your voice too…😀❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you for your kind words Franklin.

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